'Ubtan' is a  powerful exfoliator, giving anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effects to the skin, improving blood circulation & skin texture, making  skin soft and supple, smooth and fresh. It also serves as a skin cleanser, astringent and stimulant, helps in the glowing of complexion and making it appear luscious and stimulating the underlying tissues of the skin. Regular usage of Ubtan prevents the occurrence of premature wrinkles, removes scars, & helps to lighten the open pores.

The vitamin C content in amla is great to boost collagen production to make skin supple and soft. It is very mild and is suitable for any skin type. The antioxidants present in amla help reduce wrinkles and facial lines. Therefore, amla tightens the skin and gives it an even tone. Amla is also a natural exfoliator that can remove dead skin. Amla reduces pigmentation and lightens the skin while adding radiance and brightness.

Lemons are antibacterial, astringent and a mild antiseptic with a powerful cleansing action. Their low pH makes them perfect for beauty and personal care.  Lemons have a high concentration of citric acid, which is great for general disinfecting and cleaning.  The astringent action may also help to tighten the skin, exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving skin fresh, radiant and protect the skin from environmental toxins.

Orange peel powder has a high amount of vitamin C and other anti-oxidants, making it useful in maintaining healthy skin. The presence of oxidants in the body and environment is one of the main causes of skin damage. The Orange-peel properties can maintain the natural balance of skin oils and tighten the skin by absorbing excess oils and removing dead skin cells.  It works as natural astringent and skin toner, cleans pores and improves blood circulation, removes acne spots and skin blemishes. Mixing the orange peel powder with  either milk or water in equal amounts will produce a paste that can be applied as a face and body treatment.

Tulsi leaves powder is widely known for its effective anti bactierial quality. The beauty benefits of tulsi plants are plenty. Tulsi is endowed with antiseptic and purifying qualities which help to prevent skin diseases. Tulsi works very well on eczema, acne and pimples.  With vitamin C, Calcium and Phosphorus, Tulsi Powder helps skin stay healthy, supple and adds glow to skin.  

Rose Petal Powder’s incredible popularity in skin care is its ability to balance the skin.  It boasts astringent, and anti-bacterial properties but does not strip the skin of moisture.  Instead, Rose Powder can help to regulate skin's natural barrier and lubricant-sebum.   The powdered petals contain traces of oil, and integral plant components, making it a wonderful ingredient for masks, scrubs, and daily facial cleansers.  Rose Petal Powder can be combined with other ingredients easily to create a custom treatment that will leave your skin glowing and pampered. 

Multani Mitti or Fuller’s Earth is one of the oldest substances to have ever been used as a natural beauty mask. Used mostly in India, it helps in removing the dead cells, Smoothes out wrinkles and tones up the skin. Due to Multani Mitti’s highly absorbent qualities, it is very effective in treating oily skin as a deep pore cleanser by drawing out hidden oils, impurities and toxins from the skin, makes the skin smooth, soft, moist, rejuvenated while improving the complexion as well.

Used for treating skin problems for centuries, Neem has brought relief to an astounding number of ailments. Neem contains nimbidol and gedunin which have excellent fungicidal properties.  It is highly effective in treating epidermal conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema and even psoriasis. Neem powder can remove the redness and itching and improve the condition of the skin. Neem effectively kills the bacteria that cause acne and reduces inflammation. Neem Powder that will improve the condition of your skin almost instantly.